We love fish

We are dedicated to fish – in fact, it is our all-consuming passion.

We are a well-known, leading company steeped in tradition and are expanding successfully both at home and abroad. Rügen Fisch is the most up-to-date fish processing plant in Europe.
We are proud of our tradition – of our many decades of experience in processing fish into delicious canned and semi-preserved products.

The select fish fillets and prime ingredients are processed by hand using the most up-to-date methods and continuously monitored by a laboratory working to the highest standards.
Thanks to our highly motivated staff, our flexibility and the use of state-of-the-art technology we are able to meet our customers' requirements to the highest degree at all times.

When buying our raw materials and ingredients we always pay attention to their quality and origin. Our products only leave our premises once they have undergone thorough testing and conform to our high quality standards. This is how we develop the finest products and most creative compositions.

Yours, the Rügen Fisch Team